Have been involved in the South African coal business for nearly 30 years and have an extensive understanding and insight into the inland SA coal market and the coal business overall, based on total annual production of 250MT/Annum. As a Senior Coal Analyst/Project Manager no matter what your intentions for a coal project are whether you want to mine it, transport it, use it, explore for it etc. assistance and expertise will make the project happen.


  • Have both a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering qualification previously working for Eskom during the 80’s and subsequently in coal

  • Developed the idea and concept of fine coal reclamation 9 years ago – Shareholder GCT

  • Consultant to Dr Xavier  XMP Consulting ( providing inland coal reports for many major corporates over the last 10 years

  • Full understanding of Greenfields coal exploration – Understanding of geology, bore hole reports, analysis, washability, RD, SG, yields versus qualities and all aspects to the production of ROM through washed product from a mine site

  • Comprehensive understanding of all  aspects of coal production and washing including plant design, construction and commissioning

  • Comprehensive understanding of coal qualities including applications for various coal qualities from Met Anthracite through Met Low Phos thermal through to high Vol thermal applications

  • General use of coal – Power generation – General industrial use – Full understanding of all aspects of steam generation and boiler application from PCI though chain grate   

  • Fully computer literate including computer construction, software, technical application for software etc.

  • Comprehensive understanding of logistics which includes loading coal to road and rail for nearly 10 years  

  • Power generation and clean coal burning and all aspects related to electrical generation from plant through connection via transformer step up to connection to the existing net and all aspects in between   

  • Full understanding of mine water management and associated processes   

  • Full understanding of all aspects of coal pelletizing and briquetting

  • Full understanding of cement and brick  manufacturing from a coal perspective