Green Coal Technologies (GCT) has developed a unique and innovative, coal processing technology, capable of reclaiming zero value, unusable, high ash (+30%) low calorific value (<16Mj/Kg) slurry and spiral fine coal discard (-3mm) available on South African coal mines up to saleable/usable qualities.

GCT has spent many years on research and development of the technology and associated plant design, for processing bituminous thermal, metallurgical and anthracite discard spiral and slurry fine coal qualities, with the long term view of designing and constructing bulk processing plants, to reclaim available feed stock already above the ground across South Africa and wherever coal is mined internationally.

A conservative estimate of 1.2 Billion Tons of slurry, spiral and previously mined discard lies above the ground in the major coal fields of Mpumalanga South Africa, much abandoned by previous mine owners and not rehabilitated, with a further estimated 60MT per annum being stockpiled moving forward beyond 2015 (Ref: Dr Xavier Prevost XMP Consulting – SA Coal Conference Cape Town 2014) 

From in depth research completed by GCT, on the available discards across SA to date, approximately 250 MT to 300MT of feed stock would be deemed suitable for processing with the technology to provide an economically viable solution on the processed products, based on the clean coal qualities attained on more than 250 tests run through the GCT pilot plant facility.

Many modern innovative processing technologies are restricted and under perform when attempts to upscale the technology into a bulk processing facility is undertaken. This is not the case with GCT plant designs as the simplicity of design and low cost construction allows for tailor made solutions being offered to prospective projects to meet the specific requirements needed for processing the available coal feed stock to saleable qualities.  


No hazardous or toxic chemicals are used in the GCT process, as the technology is designed to provide an environmentally friendly discard reclamation solution.

Various additional economic and environmental benefits are available to companies choosing to implement GCT processing technology including:

  • Vastly reduced water consumption as all water is controlled through closed loop systems and reclaimed for reuse wherever possible  

  • Reduced rehabilitation liability due to lower quantity of discard being produced

  • Environmental clean-up due to cleaner discard stockpiling  

  • Increased coal yields and higher mine profits


From the low ash coal qualities produced, GCT has identified uses for fine coal by entering into strategic alliances with several 3rd party technology stakeholders with the view to providing on-site services to use the available high grade fine coal product for production of pig iron, power and pelletized clean coal products. Various business and financial models are available for discussion with prospective project owners which will allow for mutually beneficial relationships, creating economically viable environmental clean-up solutions for stake holders.