Our group is focused on providing a safe working environment with environmental awareness and compliance in all projects undertaken. Ethical values, trustworthiness, integrity, superior technologies and products, product growth potential, professionalism and outstanding service to local communities and industry are the building blocks of our company.


To provide innovative, quality products and engineering processes to meet the various needs of our valued clients, coupled with client service and our expertise within this field which ensures the most economical and efficient results for our clients.


Building an organization composed of highly skilled professionals that serve our clients’ needs with our mission at heart. Promoting personal growth and encouraging every employee to improve their skills through learning opportunities.


To create employment opportunities and skills development, turning unskilled into skilled labour capable of moving to the next level within the organisation. To provide the expected quality and safe working conditions, adding valued services for our clients and our staff, by implementing cost effective engineering solutions, while still ensuring top quality workmanship and timeous completion of projects.